Introducing Promo Cash

More discounts for CatchThatBus app users with our new Promo Cash. Use 25% of your Promo Cash balance in each purchase for unbeatable savings!

Enjoy more upcoming promotions to keep your Promo Cash growing and save more when you book with CatchThatBus.

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Why Promo Cash?

Benefits of Sign Up

Save More

Save More

Pay less when using our new Promo Cash feature. You can use 25% of your Promo Cash balance in a single purchase.

Earn Credits

Earn Credits

Receive more credit during promotional periods which will be added into your Promo Cash account.

Receive RM10 / SGD5 Free

Receive RM10 / SGD5 Free

Sign up on our app and receive RM10 / SGD5 Promo Cash credit immediately.

How To Use Promo Cash?

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Select Sign Up to register your account.
2 / 6
Select country code & enter your mobile number.
3 / 6
Verify your mobile number with the OTP code provided.
4 / 6
Create an account via social media or email address and enter your password.
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RM10 / SGD5 will be credited automatically into your Promo Cash after verification.
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Fill in your details and select ‘Pay by Promo Cash’ when you make payment.

What is CatchThatBus Promo Cash?

CatchThatBus Promo Cash is a promotional Promo Cash where you can avail discounts when purchasing bus tickets through our CatchThatBus app.

How do I use Promo Cash?

At the payment page, select ‘Pay by CTB Promo Cash' option and you would be able to use 25% of your Promo Cash balance to purchase your bus ticket.

How much discount am I entitled to with the use of my Promo Cash?

You can only avail 25% from your Promo Cash amount in any transaction. For example, if you have RM10 / SGD5 in your Promo Cash, you can use RM2.50 / SGD1.25 in your next transaction via CatchThatBus app.

Why can't I use the total Promo Cash money?

This is because the Promo Cash currency is in the form of promotional money with some usage restrictions. You can only use 25% from your Promo Cash balance in any purchase from our CatchThatBus app.

Can I transfer my Promo Cash money into my bank account?

No. The money in the Promo Cash is promotional money, which means it can only be used for purchasing tickets via CatchThatBus app.

Can I recharge my Promo Cash?

No, for the current time you cannot recharge your Promo Cash. We will be giving out cashback promo codes for Promo Cash in the future. That would allows the sum of promotional money in your Promo Cash to grow.

Can I use my Promo Cash to book in another currency?

No, such transaction is not possible. You can only use Promo Cash to book your bus tickets in their respective currencies (MYR for Malaysian purchase and SGD for Singaporean purchase).

I have not received the OTP code.

You would be able to request for another OTP code in 2 minutes after requesting for the first OTP code.

I have not received the confirmation email.

Kindly browse through your Spam folder in your email. In cases where it is not present, kindly make your way to the My Account section in our app and check if your email ID is correct. If you’re still facing errors, please contact our Customer Support via the in-app chat.

I have not received RM10 / SGD5 in my Promo Cash.

Kindly ensure that your phone number and email ID provided has been verified. If it is not, kindly do so in order to receive RM10 / SGD5 in your Promo Cash.

Can I change my email ID?

No, we do not have the option to change email ID at the moment. Alternatively, you have to sign up with a new email ID and phone number. Please write an email to with details and we will look into this issue.

Can I change my registered phone number?

Yes. Select My Account in CatchThatBus app and you would be able to change your phone number.

I have forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?

At the Login page, select Forgot Password option. You will receive an email in your registered email ID. In that email, a link will be provided where you would be able to change your password accordingly.

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