Brace yourselves! The Zombie Apocalypse has dawned!
Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2015 outbreak will infect Penang Botanic Gardens on Saturday, 16th May 2015.

We are looking for Survivors or if you are infected, you can be Zombies in this Apocalypse.

CatchThatBus is giving away free tickets to RFYL MY 2015!

  • ◆ 5 X Grand Prize: Sponsored stay at St. Giles Wembley in Penang + 2 Entrance Tickets to RFYL MY 2015
  • ◆ 40 X Entrance Tickets to RFYL MY 2015

At the Breakout area, Catch That Bus will be giving away FREE Survival Bags and hospital tags (for identification purpose) in conjunction with "Don't be food for Zombies, Pledge your Organs!" campaign.

* * *
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