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Bus from Kuala Krai to Gombak

The Darul Naim Express is one of the few buses that come from Kok Lanas to Gombak. The Darul Naim Express provides a relaxing journey for their customers on board their air-conditioned buses with spacious leg room. The journey from Kok Lanas takes about 7 hours covering a distance of 407km without compromising a comfortable travel experience. The buses depart from the Kok Lanas Bus Station, Hentian Pulai Chondong and Dataran Usahawan and stop at the main bus terminal in Gombak.

Things to Do in Gombak

Gombak has its fair share of attractions namely, Batu Caves.Every year around February Malaysian Hindus celebrate Thaipusam here where they devotees climb 272 steps along the cave bearing colourful ‘Kavadis’ (Burdens) on their shoulders. This sight is viewed by many tourists and many bazaars and shops are open in during this festive period. You can even visit the reptile park and the Dark Cave along the way inside Batu Caves. Avid rock climbers should visit the Damai Cave as well. Apart from that Gombak is home to some green and scenic forests. Some of them include the Kanching Forest Park and the Commonwealth Forest Park in Rawang, Hutan Lipur Bukit Langong in Selayang and many more others. The Batu Dam is also a huge water supplier to the Klang Valley and is truly a panoramic view to visit and feel like you’re at the edge of the world.

What to eat in Gombak?

Food is something you wouldn’t need to hunt for around Gombak. There are a variety of local dishes to try out here. As you complete your exhausting but worthy journey down from Batu Caves you can find an array of Indian restaurants all over the place. The House of Nasi Kerabu won’t leave you home sick if you’re coming from Kelantan and you’re sure to leave adding on to the great reviews this place has gotten. The nightlife around Gombak too is not too be missed housing a variety of bars and tapas one can chill at for a great night out after an energetic day. Hop on the very next bus to Gombak for a green and gleeful adventure.

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