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Travelling Gombak to Tanah Merah By Bus

One of the most common buses to travel to Kelantan is the Darul Naim Express bus. Fully air-conditioned, this travel bus takes you to your destination with comfort. Tanah Merah is located 396km away from Gombak and it takes about 6 to 8 hours to reach depending on the weather and traffic conditions. Darul Naim Express departs from the main bus terminal in Gombak and stops at the Tanah Merah Bus Station.

Things to do in Tanah Merah

Tanah Merah which literally means Red Land is one of the key districts in Kelantan. It used to be the capital of the “Chi Tu” kingdom ages go and since then has developed to become a town with all the necessary amenities. Some of the attractions here include Bukit Bunga where tourists can haggle to purchase various items such as food, clothes and equipment for home.

The Pasar Besar Tanah Besar (Tanah Besar Big Market) is a must-go spot to get some great local delicacies and view how business is done amongst the locals. Get mind blown by the outstanding architecture of the Guillemard Bridge which happens to be the longest and one of the oldest railway bridge in the country. This bridge stands strong till today in Tanah Merah due to the exceptional quality of its architecture. While there, be sure to take away some souvenirs from the Suri Handicraft Trading as well.

What to eat in Tanah Merah?

Kelantanese delights can be found in various restaurants here in Tanah Merah such as the Selera Tepi Sungai Restaurant. If you’re looking for some mouth-watering Nasi Lemak then Nasi Lemak Tok Wan Ali is the place to be and savour a hearty banana leaf meal at Yazid Nasi Daun Pisang. Take a walk at night around the Bandar Manal Night Market and enjoy various finger foods as you shop.


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