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About Johor Bahru

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Johor Bahru acts as a border to Singapore and is ranked as the 3rd largest city in Peninsular Malaysia. Johor Bahru has many attractions catering for both families and solo travelers, all reflecting the multiculturalism within Johor.

Many of the bus stops sit opposite the City Square which links up with other parts of the city. Travelers departing from JB Sentral or City Square can opt to board a bus as late as 11pm with fares which are relatively cheap.  However, buses can be rather inconsistent; hence it is advised to board a bus early in the morning as it’s most consistent during this time relative to the rest of the day.

As Johor Bahru is quite vast, travelers may often have to travel further than expected. In such cases, travelers might want to get to Larkin Terminal, the main terminal in Johor Bahru. Departures from here are quite frequent commencing hourly, at times in half an hour as well.

As traffic can be quite congested in the city, travelers may want to move about Johor Bahru on foot, a preferable option for sightseers.

Important Details

  • Accessible by bus and plane.
  • 40 minutes drive from Senai International Airport.
  • Tourist sites catering to families and solo travelers.

Sights and Activities


Legoland is one of Johor Bahru’s main attractions. It is the perfect place for a family getaway providing the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Legoland is home to an array of rides from roller coasters to water slides and other attractions, all surrounding the lego theme.

Royal Abu Bakar Museum

Built in the year 1866, the Royal Bakar Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Johor Bahru. It was before the residence of Johor’s Sultan. The museum is home to many artifacts and belongings of the royal family.

Danga Bay

Danga Bay is a waterfront city in Johor Bahru and is considered the largest recreational park in this town. Within its borders hold various avenues for leisure, food and entertainment for all travelers be it families to couples on their honey moon.

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Johor Bahru Bus Booking

Bus travels to and from Johor Bahru to many other cities has never been easier. There are several bus services at convenient timings from Johor Bahru that are available for booking online on CatchThatBus or via mobile app which can be downloaded for free on Google Play or App Store.