Buses from Singapore to Seremban

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Over the years, Seremban has experienced numerous development projects in terms of their housing and public transportation, making it easier for tourist and travelers to access the many attractions within said borders.

Travel from Singapore to Seremban

The distance between Singapore and Seremban is approximately 291.9km apart with a bus travel duration of about 4 hours depending on the traffic congestions, weather conditions, route taken and other factors which may influence the duration of the journey.

Singapore Bus Pickup-points

There are many pickup points within the borders of Singapore. Buses heading from Singapore to Seremban tend to depart from the following bus terminals:

Plaza Beach Road

As the names says it, this pickup point is situated at a shopping mall called The Plaza along Beach Road. It is accessible through by boarding an intracity bus.

City Plaza

The City Plaza is not only a bsu terminal but also one of the many budget shopping adventures within the borders of Singapore. It is located in Geylang, a accessible town with various public transportation available.

New Park Shopping Arcade (Park Royal Hotel)

This pickup-point is located along Kitchener Road. There is a 7-11 nearby which allows travelers to stock up on their travelers before departing from said location.

Seremban Bus Drop off Points

There are many operators from across the country and beyond that arrive and alight passengers in Seremban. Drop-off points for buses from Singapore to Seremban include:

Terminal One

Terminal One is the main bus terminal in Seremban. It is armed many amenities catering to travelers from all ages as they wait patiently for their buses to arrive.

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