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Kota Bharu is the state capital of Kelantan. It is home to many mosques and museums that projects unique architectural designs, perfect of sightseers and photographers. It is also home to an array of authentic delicacies that would leave you craving for more.

Travel from Seremban to Kota Bharu

The distance between the 2 cities is approximately a whopping 500km with a travelling time of about 9 hours depending on the traffic congestion, weather conditions, route taken and other factors which may prolong the journey.

Seremban Bus Pickup-points

Over the years, Seremban has experienced a number of developments in various industries in the city, evolving it from a once quiet town into a modernised town with a number of attraction. There are numerous buses with routes beginning from Seremban. Among the buses which depart from Seremban to Kota Bharu are as follows:

This pickup point is located adjacent to Terminal One mall. It is equipped with amenities such as food stores, ATMs, money changers and more. Due to its strategic location, travelers can easily access this pickup point by bus or taxi.

Kota Bharu Bus Drop-off Points

Kota Bharu is home to marvellous architectures and authentic delicacies. There are a number of drop-off points within the vicinity. Buses heading from Seremban to Kota Bharu tend to end their journey at the following :

  • Stesen Bas Kota Bharu

This drop-off point is surrounded by many amenities such as food shops, hotels and more. It is strategically located in the town centre of Kota Bharu making it accessible by fellow bus travellers.

  • TESCO Kota Bharu

TESCO Kota Bharu is one of the main pickup point in Kelantan. Aside from its success as a retail store, it has also been a hub for many bus operators as their come and go from Kota Bharu to various parts of Peninsular Malaysia.

Seremban to Kota Bharu Bus Operators

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