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Travel from Seremban to Johor Bahru by Bus

If you are planning to head down north from Negeri Sembilan from its capital, Seremban and head to Johor Bahru in the southern tip of Peninsula Malaysia, one of most comfortable ways to travel is of course by bus. In Seremban, only one bus operator provides a direct journey to Johor Bahru and that is Plusliner. However, travelers don’t have to worry as Plusliner provides up to 6 trips a day every 2 to 3 hours starting from 8.30am. On average a one way trip takes 4 hours and you’ll be picked up at Terminal One, Seremban. The drop off point will be Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru.

Things to do in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru, or JB as many people like to call it, is a vibrant destination very suitable for families. However, if you’re a solo traveler you’ll find plenty of attractions available for you as well. To start off, JB is definitely a place full of theme parks, with the biggest and most interesting one being Legoland, which has up to 44 rides and attractions for the young and old. After you’re done with Legoland, you can bring the little ones (and perhaps not so little ones) to the Little Big Club, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the Angry Birds Park. For the more mature visitors, there’s the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple and the Johor Old Chinese temple for you to experience the truly multicultural aspect of JB. Apart from that, you can pay a visit to the Johor Zoo, Kuso Trick Art Gallery, the Chinese Heritage museum and Danga Bay, which are all attractions here that are not to be missed.

What to eat in Johor Bahru?

JB is also a food paradise where you can try dishes from all the main ethnic groups that live here. Some of the Malay dishes you can’t afford to miss is Laksa Johor and Kacang Pool. Laksa Johor is distinctly different from those made elsewhere as it uses spaghetti as noodles, and the gravy is thick and rich with fish and spices. For some Chinese food, you can hunt down Teochew Kuey Teow and Claypot Fish Head curyy. For Indian food, there are tons of good Mamaks serving fresh and crispy roti canai. Interestingly, one of the best foodie haunts in JB are the traditional old school bakeries, like Hiap Joo bakery and Salahuddin bakery, both of which sell signature baked goods with recipes preserved from before the second world war.

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