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Travel from Mersing to Kuala Lumpur by Bus

From Mersing, Johor, a bus ride to the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, will take
approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes. Duration of the approximately 350km journey depends on the traffic condition, bus operator, weather, and journey breaks. Two bus operators – Transnasional and S&S International Express – offer the service to Kuala Lumpur from Mersing. Travellers may choose to start their journey in the morning (9am) and the service is offered up to 5pm everyday.

On CatchThatBus website or mobile app, you may choose from 4 daily buses to suit your travel time and date. For convenience, customers may board the Transnasional buses from either Mersing Terminal, Tanjung Gemuk, Kuala Rompin, Hotel Timotel, or Endau Bus Stop depending on the travelling time. Meanwhile, S&S International Express only departs from Mersing Terminal. These buses guarantee an enjoyable, comfortable, and affordable travelling experience.

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a robust and vibrant city offering an array of entertainment and experience. Visitors are rewarded with the glorious modern setting of PETRONAS Twin Towers, splendid performances at the PETRONAS Philharmonic Hall and Istana Budaya, pumped up sport events hold at the National Sports Complex of Bukit Jalil, invigorating street life at Petaling Street, and exuberant shopping experience at various mega shopping malls such as Suria KLCC, Pavilion, and MidValley Megamall.

What to eat in Kuala Lumpur?

Being the capital city of the country, you may also find a variety of cuisines hailing from the different states to fulfill your gastronomic adventure. International and local cuisines are served to perfection, at times improvised to suit the local tastebud. Unity between the different races – Malay, Chinese, Indian – in Malaysia also translates to a more extensive choices of food for everyone. To name a few, nasi lemak, dim sum, roti canai, char kueh tiaw, and cendol are not to be missed. The bustling city definitely never sleeps. At night, you may stroll at the numerous night markets throughout the cities for entertainment, leisurely shopping, finger food, and even durians! If you’re up for a relaxing night at the bar or a zealous night out with your friends, head on to party at several well-known establishments located around the Golden Triangle area.

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