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From a Chinese mining site to the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is your one stop tourist destination for tourist and travelers from all walks of life. It is home to recreational parks, jaw dropping monuments, historical structures, unique delicacies, nightlife and more, making Kuala Lumpur a renowned tourist destination in the Malaysia.

Travel from Mersing to Kuala Lumpur

The distance between the Mersing and Kuala Lumpur is estimated around 356km. Travelling from Mersing to Kuala Lumpur would take about 5 hours from departure to arrival. This is then subject to the traffic congestions, weather conditions, route taken and more, which may prolong the already long journey.  

Mersing Bus Pickup-points

There are a few pickup points within the borders of Mersing. Bus operators with routes from Mersing to Kuala Lumpur tend to begin their journey from :

Terminal Mersing

This terminal links many travelers heading beyond the borders of Mersing to various parts of Malaysia and beyond its borders. The terminal is located along Jalan Pasar, nearby the Mersing River. More importantly, its strategic location allows fellow travelers to arrive at this pickup point with ease.

Kuala Lumpur Bus Drop-off Points

Aside from the multiple tourist destination and attraction, there are also many pickup and drop off points in Kuala Lumpur. All are conveniently located, ultimately providing fellow travelers with access to various regions in the country and beyond. Among the few to mention include :

Terminal Bersepadu Selatan

This 24-hour transit hub is not only easily accessible through various modes of public transportation but also links Kuala Lumpur to various parts of Peninsular Malaysia and beyond. The terminal accommodates to the many passengers that come and go daily, with the many amenities and facilities available.

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