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Travel from Malacca to Kota Bahru

The distance between Malacca and Kota Bharu is approximately 621km. Via bus, the duration of travel varies from 9 hours depending on the traffic congestion, weather conditions, route taken and many other factors which may prolong the journey to the said destination.

Malacca Bus Pickup-points

It goes without saying that this historic state is home to many tourist attraction, most of which have their own back story behind its existence. Being a popular tourism destination, Malacca has many terminals and bus stops that link this state to various parts of the country. The following are the few to mention:

Melaka Sentral one of the many pickup points in Malacca. This terminal is equipped with many amenities which cater to the many that travel by bus everyday.  

Kota Bharu Bus Drop-off Points

Kota Bahru is no stranger to the field of tourism. There are many buses which end their journey at the various drop-off points in Kota Bahru. Buses with routes from Malacca to Kota Bahru tend to drop-off their passengers at the said drop-off points:

  • Stesen Bas Kota Bharu

This drop-off point is located in the town centre of Kota Bharu, surrounded by many shops, hotels and other amenities that cater to the many travelers. Due to its strategic location, travelers would be able to access this drop-off point with little hassle.

  • TESCO Kota Bharu

TESCO in general is know for the sales of its retail goods. In Kota Bharu, TESCO serves as a drop-off points as well.

Malacca to Kota Bahru Bus Operators

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