Buses from Kota Bharu to Shah Alam

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Shah Alam is the planned capital of Selangor. It has a good mix of industrial sites, neighbourhoods, tourist attractions and even unique delicacies.  

Travel from Kota Bharu to Shah Alam

The journey from Kota Bharu to Shah Alam would take a travel time of about 8-9 hours depending on the route taken, weather conditions and traffic congestions which may hinder a smooth and timely journey from one point to the other.

Kota Bharu Bus Pickup points

Kota Bahru is famous for its monumental architecture and delicious-traditional cuisines. It also has many pickup points where passengers board their bus from Kota Bharu to various parts of the country and beyond. Buses from Kota Bharu to Shah Alam tend to begin their journey at the following pickup points :

  • Stesen Bas Kota Bharu

This pickup point is located within the city centre of Kota Bharu. It’s strategic location makes it all the more easier for travelers to access. In addition, it is also surrounded by amenities such as hotels and food stores making it convenient as well.

  • TESCO Kota Bharu

TESCO Kota Bharu is one of the main pickup points in the city. It provides an avenue for passengers to buy their necessities at the last minute in case they had forgotten to pack, while waiting for their bus to arrive.  

Shah Alam Bus Drop-off Points

This planned city of Selangor has a good mix of neighbourhoods, industrial areas and tourist destinations. There are many buses which end their journey in Shah Alam. Buses coming from Kota Bharu tend to end their journey at the following drop-off points :

This bus terminal was once located along Jalan Jenulung Seksyen 17 Shah Alam before being relocated to Seksyen 13, next to the Shah Alam stadium.  It has many ticketing booths and convenient stalls which cater to the convenience of travelers.  

Kota Bharu to Shah Alam Bus Operators

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