Kota Bharu → Gombak from RM44.00 - RM54.00

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Kota Bharu


Kota Bharu to Gombak is approximately 433km apart depending on the route one takes. One of the only buses that travel from there to here is the Darulnaim Express. Providing a decent leg-room and air-conditioning, this bus serves all those looking for a bus from Kelantan to their desired destination. The bus departs from Tesco Kota Bharu and arrives at Gombak’s main bus terminal in about 8 hours. It has 1 bus departing at 9.30am and 2 departing at 9.30pm daily from the pick-up point. Enquiry on further details and booking can be done through the CatchThatBus website or app, your one stop intermediary for all your bus travelling needs.
Gombak founded in 1974 is a rapidly developing district in Selangor bordering two happening places namely Genting and Kuala Lumpur. Housing 4 sub-districts namely Batu, Rawang, Setapak and Ulu Kelang, Gombak has a vast variety of places to visit. The National Zoo in Hulu Kelang has an impressive collection of animals to look at and learn about. It would make the perfect outing for families with children who can even enjoy a picnic on the large grounds the zoo provides. Speaking of picnic, an even more refreshing place to hang out for an afternoon of water splashing and an evening of fresh greenery is the Templer’s Park. Waterfalls and rivers that flow through this park will leave you calm and connected with nature. The Orang Asli Museum will take you to the roots of the natives in Selangor. Learn about the lifestyle and cultures of the original residents of the state before technology got in the way. Pretty decent shopping can be done around Gombak particularly in this newly opened mall called the M3 Mall which is a mid-range shopping centre. Visit Batu Caves, a key tourist attraction in Malaysia, housing 3 caves and a Hindu temple cave. Take a climb up the 272 steps into the cave at night perhaps and enjoy the panoramic view of the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. If you’re looking for something to eat, then you should complete your holiday at some of the restaurants that have had a great deal of good reviews online. Some of them include Mummy Seafood Restaurant having had a review that said you’ll have an ultimate dining experience at an affordable price. Try some awesome Bru coffee made from fresh cow’s milk at Restoran Achi in Batu Caves and don’t miss the authentic Nasi Kerabu at House of Nasi Kerabu. Something Chinese, Indian and Malay to complete your Malaysian experience all in Gombak itself. Book your tickets now with CatchThatBus and you’ll be on your journey’s way to Gombak.