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Travel KLIA to Malacca by Bus

KLIA and Malacca are about 136 km apart, taking about 3 hours to travel by bus. Starmart Express and Transnasional are two operators to name that provide the said routes. Altogether there are  6 pick-ups daily from KLIA and they all head towards Melaka Sentral.

Things to do Malacca

In Malays, Malacca is known as “Bandar Bersejarah” or ‘historical city’.  Such a title was given as that most Malaysia’s history began here from when Parameswara, an Indonesian emperor came here and began a new empire with what sparked the Malay Sultanate and to the point where conquerors set foot here first in 1511.
The very many influences of Western conquerors like the Portuguese, Dutch and British has left many places of attractions behind here in Malacca. Among them include The Christ Church which was built by the Dutch. Fort A’ Famosa which was built by the Portuguese with civilization inside it now only has the remains of a single door to the fort and a church up the hill after its destruction by the Dutch. Nevertheless, the steep climb up the hill will take you to a place like no other for a breezy view of Malacca. Take a short river ride at the Melaka River Cruise and enjoy the colourful murals and paintings on the walls along the river. You’ll also have a good view of the cafes by the bank and sync into the rhythm of the waters as the boat goes by.

What to eat in Malacca?

Malacca is one the best towns in Malaysia when it comes to food. Fill your tummy at Jonker Walk with all the kinds of mouth-watering local delicacies from Portuguese cooking to Baba Nyonya dishes. Try the Asam Pedas Fish (Spicy Tamarind Fish) at Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine which is a famous Baba Nyonya dish. You won’t miss the reknowned Chicken Rice Balls shop when you enter Jonker Walk from where Hard Rock Café is. The long line here is totally worth the wait and you’ll be popping in balls after balls of chicken stock filled rice balls. Jonkers at night is as lively and swell and most of the Satay Celup restaurants open only at night here and must be tasted.

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