Johor Bahru → Seremban from RM28.40 - RM38.40

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Travel from Johor Bahru to Seremban by Bus

Travelling from Johor Bahru or JB, as many people like to call it, to Seremban is actually not a very long trip. On average it only takes 4 hours to traverse the state of Johor from its southern tip, across Melaka and then you’re at your destination. At JB, you will start your trip at Larkin station with a bus service provider called Plusliner, who will drop you off at T1erminal One, Seremban. Plusliner offers 5-7 trips daily at an affordable price of RM28.40 per seat. On weekends, the number of trips increases as there seems to be a higher demand of people going on a weekend holiday or just going home for a visit.

Things to do in Seremban

Seremban is located right in the middle of Negeri Sembilan, which is a state known for its unique Minangkabau culture. The people here are open and friendly, and the town has many hidden offerings for the curious traveler. The old Seremban town itself isn’t very large and you can hardly get lost. Activities seem to revolve around certain points in town, including the old market called Pasar Besar Seremban. Here, you’ll be able to find the best known dish in Seremban: beef noodles. After you’ve had your delicious meal you can walk around the market itself and buy all sorts of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dried goods and snacks.

A short drive from the market area will land you at the Negeri Sembilan state museum where you’ll be able to learn more about this multicultural state and the unique tradition of Adat Perpatih which is practiced here. Adat Perpatih is special because it elevates the social status of women over men, and has a form of democratically elected leadership.

What to eat in Seremban?

Another short drive away will land you in the largest Seremban Siew Pau shop. Siew Pau is a type of baked meat bao that is synonymous with Seremban and if you visit the spacious store that sells it, you’ll be able to eat at the restaurant there that serves delicious seafood like crabs and Kirin prawns.

Apart from delicious food, you can also visit Jelita Ostrich Farm in Jalan Jelebu, where you can interact with real life ostriches and buy ostrich related products. Shopping is a must in Seremban, and you can pay a visit to Aeon Seremban 2 and Terminal One Mall to browse around.

If all these is making you restless and you want to visit Seremban town for all its attractions, why not download the Catch That Bus app that will no doubt make your trip so much smoother.