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Travelling from Ipoh to Kota Bharu by Bus

Kota Bharu is located 350 kilometers away from Ipoh and the journey takes 6 hours approximately depending on the traffic and weather. The available bus operator from Ipoh to Kota Bharu is Perdana Express at the price of RM38.50 for a one way trip. You can sit back and enjoy the ride because the fully air conditioned buses are delightful for a long and relaxing journey, providing you with plenty of leg room and maximum comfort.

Ipoh to Kota Bharu Bus Pick-up Point

The bus departs from Terminal Amanjaya in Ipoh to the Kota Bharu Bus Terminal. You can book your tickets online with CatchThatBus and select the dates at your preference. Kota Bharu literally means “new fort” and this town is situated near the mouth of the Kelantan river close to the Thai border. The city has been declared as a conservative Islamic city by the state Government in 2005. However, life in the city is no different compared to other parts of Malaysia.

Things to do in Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is the capital city of Kelantan and it is home to many beautiful mosques, museums and unique regal architectural buildings. Istana Jahar was built in 1887 and contains breath-taking wood carvings with excellent craftsmanship. The palace has now been converted into a museum housing priceless artifacts and photographs rich with elegant Kelantanese heritage.

You can also visit the Museum Islam to learn about how Islam came to Kelantan and stayed on with such a strong influence after all these years. Among other well-preserved pre-war buildings, Bank Kerapu was used by the Japanese as secret station for war coordination center back in 1912. Now, it serves as a war memorial with hundreds of war related exhibits and Japanese tools used during the occupation. The vast collection of these historical exhibits will transport you back in time during the war.

Another interesting place you wouldn’t want to miss is the Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah. Named after Prophet Muhammad’s wife, this local wet market is mostly run by women. This iconic market is a burst of vibrant colours and the largest market in Kelantan selling a variety of fruits, vegetables and local delicacies.

What to eat in Kota Bharu?

Kota Bharu is not only famous for its rich heritage and culture, it is also popular for mouth-watering local cuisines such as Nasi Kerabu. This iconic dish is made of local herbs with blue rice made from natural dye from a blue flower. Another famous dish is Ayam Percik. “Percik” means splash in Malay and as the chicken is being grilled, the cook will often splash or baste some of the gravy unto the chicken for a smokey coconut taste. Give in to your temptations with these amazing culinary experiences right away!

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