Gombak → Kuala Krai from RM44.00 - RM54.00

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Kuala Krai has many buses travelling to it pretty frequently. One of them is the Darul Naim Express Bus. The Darul Naim Express bus caters to its customers a comfortable journey back to Kelantan mostly. The ride from the Gombak main bus terminal to Kuala Krai itself may take 5 to 6.5 hours to cover the 356km journey, depending on various situations such as traffic. Due to the high demand, Darul Naim itself travels 6 times daily to Kuala Krai, twice at 10.00 in the morning and 4 times between 09.30 to 10.00 in the night. It stops at 5 different stops namely, Dataran Peladang, Kuala Krai Bus Station, Hentian Caltex Laloh, Balai Polis Paloh 2 or Hentian Ciku 3. You may book tickets online to go to Kuala Krai via the CatchThatBus website.
The town of Kuala Krai is located 64km South of Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan. It started off as village with which you can travel through via boat and later on developed with the building of the East Coast Railway. Today it stands as a pretty advanced city you can travel to even by catching a bus. Some of the main points of interests in this district would include the Kuala Krai Mini Zoo, home to various kinds of local animals and the Kuala Krai Museum that displays the wonderful history of this town. The Kuala Krai Dabong River Cruise will have you laid back for 2 hours to explore and feel the scenic nature of Kelantan and is a must-try for nature lovers. Nature lovers should also visit the very many waterfalls that takes one’s breath away such as Lata Rek, Lata Berangin and Jelawang waterfalls. The Kuala Krai House of Handicrafts is a place one should visit and grab unique souvenirs from before leaving the town. Being a rather developed town, a wide variety of food is available at Kuala Krai from fast food outlets such as McDonalds and KFC to local delicacies such as Nasi Kerabu which can be found at Kak Tie Nasi Kerabu Sg Durian. Kedairotippaye Kuala Krai is famous for their Roti Tempayan (Naan). Diverse dishes are catered all around Kuala Krai to satisfy your needs. Being a rather conservative state, there are hardly any bars to visit around Kuala Krai. The nightlife in Kuala Krai is rather quiet but you may enjoy the peaceful night sipping on some local coconut or a pineapple juice for a change. Get engaged with nature and go back in time over at Kuala Krai. Bus tickets to Kuala Krai can be purchased via the CatchThatBus mobile app and you will be on your delightful journey’s way.