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Travel from Gombak to Ketereh by Bus

Ketereh is approximately a 7 hours bus ride from Gombak, with an estimated distance of about 406km apart. Several buses travel to this town in Kelantan, among them include Darul Naim Express. It departs from the main bus terminal from Gombak to one of the two main points in Ketereh, namely either the Ketereh Bus Station (Stesen Bas Ketereh) or the Ketereh Mosque (Masjid Ketereh).

Things to do in Ketereh

Ketereh is a town located about a half hour south of Kota Bharu. It is known for its famous Ketereh tree which are cashews. Some of the places that ought to be visited in this town is the Ketereh Flea Market (Pasar Ketereh) where you can see the locals carry out their daily business and you may find cheap clothes and Batik materials as well. Apart from that, the historical Sa’Adong Princess’ Park (Taman Puteri Sa’Adong) is a lovely green country park which Princess Sa’Adong once used as her playground. Dataran Ketereh is where most of the shops are located where you can even find a handy 7-Eleven. It is somewhat the centre point of Ketereh. There’s a huge structure of a “Ketereh” fruit located here where tourists mostly just sightsee and snap photos .

What to eat in Ketereh?

Kelantan is known for its famous Nasi Kerabu and what better place to find one of the best Nasi Kerabus than in Ketereh itself. You can have a hearty Kerabu breakfast at Warung Su or Warung Cik Siti. These are two different places but with one great taste. Budu, a famous fermented anchovy sauce is added on the side to give this dish a distinct flavour. Nasi Ulam which is rice with a variety of vegetables is well known in Kelantan and can be found at Restoran Nasi Ulam Warisan Cikgu Ketereh.

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