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About Ipoh

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Ipoh is the capital city of Perak and is among the largest cities in Malaysia. During the rule of the British, Ipoh experienced a boom in the tin mining industry and so, many railways were built to shuttle the mined tins to the coastal lines of Perak to be traded. Today, like most parts in Perak, Ipoh is famous for their delicacies they serve as much as the tourist sites within its borders.

Important details

  • Popular tourist destination.
  • Known for their delicacies.
  • Accessible by bus, plane and train.
  • 10 minutes drive away from Sultan Azlan Shah Airport.
  • Divided into “Old Town” and “New Town”.

Sights and Activities

Gua Tambun Cave Paintings :

Gua Tambun has a number of cave paintings on the cave walls, which show evidence of early human inhabitants before civilization took place. The paintings are estimated to be around 2,000 to 5,000 years old.

Ipoh Heritage Walk :

This 4-mile walk takes tourist down the historical sites and buildings in Ipoh. The history spans 130 years to when Ipoh was just a mere Malay village before being transformed into the bustling metropolitan it is today.

Ipoh Bus Terminals

  • Terminal Aman Jaya
  • Ipoh Bus Terminal

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Ipoh Bus Booking

Bus travels to and from Ipoh to many other cities has never been easier. There are several bus services at convenient timings from Ipoh that are available for booking online on Catchthatbus or via mobile app which can be downloaded for free on Google Play or App Store.