Little Miss Frugal’s 8 Travel Tips

Do you envy your friends’ selfies at their latest travel destination on your Instagram feed, but you don’t have the fund to go on one?

Are you stuck at your desk at work, daydreaming the day you get to breathe the fresh air of holiday?

Are you one of those students who wish they can travel with a giggling group of friends (including the crush) during their semester break etc.?

As a certified frugal who gets bored easily, I totally understand the struggle of desiring a holiday, yet the limitation in terms of money.

Here, we share with you the tested and guaranteed tips on cutting cost during travelling, so that you get to go on that holiday at last!

little miss frugal

Frugal Travel Tip #1: Choose your destination wisely

Some places are cheaper but offer almost the same experience with their alternatives. Research wisely and choose the place that appeals to you the most but with a good price.

Also, go local and save more money while supporting the local tourism industry. There are a lot of exciting places in Malaysia that you should not miss out on.

Frugal Travel Tip #2: Get cheap tickets

Be proactive and keep updated on promotions. Sign up for travel newsletters, websites, or pages which will keep you in the loop on any promotions and happenings. Some websites will also grant you points which you can redeem to cut cost for your travel later on or give you promo codes that will earn you discounts on purchase.

Check out CatchThatBus website or mobile app to book your bus tickets with the convenient, fast, and secure way.

Via CatchThatBus, you will not incur extra charge to what you are paying at the counter.

Promo codes are given out occasionally, offering you discounts that will save your hard-earned moolah.

You will also save on expenses, time, and effort to search and book your tickets. Plan your trip the super easy way – at your fingertips.  

You may also opt to travel during off-peak period to avoid extra charges and unavailability due to the high demand. Try not to travel during school holidays, festive seasons, and long weekends.

Frugal Travel Tip #3: Save on accommodation

Do your research and make a comparison of the available accommodations based on your goal. Sometimes, slightly expensive accommodation may save on your transportation costs if it is closer to your places of interest.

Choose your accommodation according to your budget. Nowadays, numerous cheap options such as dormitories, cheap hotels, homestay, and etcetera are available.

You may also book your accommodation on websites offering discounts such as Agoda, Trivago, and many more.

At times, bundled package including transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment ticket etcetera may cost cheaper than if you plan them one by one. Explore your options and choose wisely!

Don’t forget to negotiate for discounts, especially if you’re travelling in a group.

Frugal Travel Tip #4: Cut costs on food

Unless this is a foodie trip which entails luxurious, expensive meals, you can definitely cut cost on food.

I know friends who bring their “travel staples” every time they are on a holiday. For instance, you can bring bread, serunding, instant noodle, peanut butter, biscuits, instant porridge and meals, snacks and many more!

Alternatively, use the Internet to search for cheap and good places to eat and plan your travel accordingly.

You’re most likely to end up at expensive eateries if you simply “follow the flow”.

One neat tip I gathered is to have lunch at the expensive eateries should you plan on going to one (or more); most of them offer lunch specials at great price as opposed to the normal price during dinner time.

Furthermore, don’t forget to bring your own water bottle and refill it at proper places to minimise the cost of buying bottled water. You can save a lot of RMs by practicing this.

Frugal Travel Tip #5: Learn the art of haggling

Watch and learn how people blend in to not be charged with the “foreigner’s price”. You will get a good laugh out of it, too.

Frugal TravelTip #6: Reduce transportation costs

Carpool if you’re driving and divide the costs accordingly. Consider moving around using public transport or renting a car if you’re in a group.

Better yet, exercise your feet and walk around for a good workout which is equally beneficial to your wallet as well!

Frugal Travel Tip #7: Saving on entertainment

If you’re going to places with tickets or passes for entrance such as Legoland and many more, look for good deals by pre-booking or searching for promotions.

Frugal Travel Tip #8: Optimise freebies

Don’t skip the breakfast provided by the hotel; you get a wide selection of buffet while saving on breakfast expenses.

Also, opt for free wi-fi at the hotels or restaurants you visit instead of purchasing more data plan when you run out of Internet from the excessive photo upload.

Try out our frugal tips to get the most out of your money during the travel. Our team at CatchThatBus wishes you a fun, safe, and economical travel!

Author: admin

The admin of CatchThatBus blog is a travel junky who loves travelling.