8 Packing Hacks for Your Next Trip

Once, I had to turn back to my house when we’ve started our journey for about an hour simply because I accidentally and very inconveniently forgot to bring my medicine.

Imagine that horror which could have easily spoiled the merry mood that we had for the holiday. Lucky thing I didn’t realise it much later LOL.

Because I’ve certainly been there, and done that, let me share with you 8 packing hacks tips when it comes to packing and hopefully, I will be able to save everyone else from the same experiences.

Packing Hacks Tip #1 – Make a packing list

make a packing list

A lot of people overlook this part and go straight to the actual action, which in my opinion –

  1. Makes you spend more time thinking while packing,
  2. Has higher risk to leave something behind, and
  3. May cause you to overpack unnecessarily.

Sit down for 5-10 minutes to think it through and list down the items you need (with the respective quantities). Try it out, you’ll pack like a pro.

Here are some interactive packing list for you to create your packing list online.

  1. Independent Traveller Interactive Packing List
  2. Let’s Go! Travel
  3. Her Packing List

P/S: You may also need to do a bit of a research on the place you’re going to make sure you pack correctly.

For example, if you’re heading to cold places like Cameron Highlands, you’ll need to pack clothes that will keep you warm.

Conversely, on islands such as Pulau Rawa or Pulau Tioman, you’ll need less bulky clothes for your comfort on the sea sands and under the sun.

Packing Hacks Tip #2 – Compartmentalise smartly

My usual bags for trips are

  1. Handbag or backpack,

backpack2. Luggage bag, and

luggage bags3. Toiletries bag that I stuff into the luggage bag.


Things that you use often such as hand sanitizer, medicine, wallet, documents, lip balm, sunshades etc should be put into your handbag or backpack to ensure easy access.

Make sure you group your stuffs in the luggage bag to avoid having to scour the whole content to find a particular thing.

The toiletries bag is excellent to avoid any spilled shampoo ruining your phone charger and favourite blouse.

Packing Hacks Tip #3 – Stock up on ziplock bags

ziplock bags

Having said that, ziplock bags are the most ideal for grouping your items, in my opinion.

Have one for electricals, another for deodorant and makeups, another for undergarments, and don’t forget the accessories too.

The spare ones can be used to fill dirty laundry and even souvenirs etc.

Packing Hacks Tip #4 – Roll your clothes

roll clothes

Many travelers swear by this method as it saves space and reduces wrinkles on your clothes. Instead of folding, roll your clothes and you’ll be wonderfully surprised at the outcome.

Packing Hacks Tip #5 – Bring safe colours and accessories

While we’re at the topic of clothing, I highly recommend you bring “safe” colours that can be easily matched and are less likely to be out of place in many areas.

For example, you can wear colours like black or brown everywhere and brighten up the outfit with scarves or accessories.

Dark colours are also my favourite because they do not stain easily and hides sweat spots.

Packing Hacks Tip #6– Wear comfortable and suitable shoes


This is very important because sore or blistered foot is not only painful, it also dampens your holiday.

Once upon a time, I wore a pair of new flats that I never tested before for a trip that lasted a week.

Needless to say, the back of my foot was red and painful, then I had to buy both a new pair of shoes and plasters DURING the holiday itself to prevent from bleeding and crying every time I walked around.

And people think only heels can be hazardous LOL. 

Packing Hacks Tip #7- Have emergency kit

emergency kit

Depending on the place you’re going, prepare emergency kit to minimise any risk that may occur. At the least, have items like plasters and Panadol handy.

If you’re heading to a more secluded area for camping or hiking, it is even more vital for you to be ready with the necessary essentials.

Packing Hacks Tip #8 – Don’t overpack


Trust me, you won’t be needing that much. Several clothes can be recycled or easily washed in the sink and dried.

The kids won’t need a lot of toys as they have many new things to discover and occupy their time at the destination.

Besides, how many times have you actually under pack as opposed to the times when you wished you’ve pack lesser?

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